Arc flash: The threat is real.
Are you prepared?

Have you taken the proper steps to help protect your facility and employees against the dangers of arc flash? Find out now.

Simply answer a brief set of questions, and we'll send you a customized preparedness profile to help you identify ways to reset safety in your facility. This tool is not intended for use outside of the U.S.

Term and Conditions

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This Arc Flash Safety Preparedness Profile (the Profile) is a general tool to guide an evaluation of potential arc flash hazards and risks; this Profile is not intended to prove or disprove compliance with NFPA 70E standards, OSHA standards or any other applicable legal or consensus standards, nor does it provide legal advice on the same. Do not rely solely on this Profile to establish whether any arc flash hazards may or may not exist at the facility. A more comprehensive on-site review is necessary to accurately assess any arc flash hazards that may exist at the facility. Eaton specifically does not offer any warranty, guarantee or other assurance regarding arc flash hazards that may or may not exist at the facility, and specifically does not warrant, guarantee or assure that an arc flash incident will or will not occur. Eaton expressly and impliedly disclaims any and all liability.